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The Demon Within.

Inside each and every one of us, there lives a demon,

It’s hard for us to notice him.

Although he is powerful.

He encourages us to become lazy and neglectful.

He brings up bad thoughts and feelings that lead us into doing things we know are wrong.

Hurting the ones we love most. Procrastinating. Damaging our bodies. Acting with violence. Lie. Cheat..

Lose sight of life….

Whats wrong with me! why does this happen to me

"They’ll never be able to help you", he says.

"They won’t understand you", he lies.

"They don’t care about you", he insists.

"I am not loved"

"I am unworthy."

"I’m ugly."

"I hate my body. I hate my parents, I hate my life."

"I fucking hate me."

I ask you to be kind to yourself, for you are not to be blamed.

The demon within you is the one to blame. He is the one who wants you to feel inferior.

we cannot escape him, for he lives within us.

We can restrain him.

building inner strength gives us more power against him.

Your passion. Realizing and demonstrating it.

Helping others even if you feel you can hardly help yourself.

Force yourself against falling into nothingness (his favorite time to catch you)

Listen. Try to acknowledge what others may have to say. Seek help. Accept it.

You deserve to be happy. Don’t let him convince you otherwise.

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